CarbFix in the Media

The results of the CarbFix project have received worldwide attention. Following is a list of some of the media coverage the project has had in the past years.


700 meters below Iceland, a company may have found a solution to the world's climate woes

UpWorthy - October 13, 2017


The world’s first “negative emissions” plant has begun operation—turning carbon dioxide into stone

Quartz - October 12, 2017


Revolutionary Equipment Turns Carbon Dioxide to Stone, Fighting Climate Change

Iceland Review - October 12, 2017


Iceland project marries carbon capture with geological storage

The Engineer - October 12, 2017


Climeworks flick switch on 'world first' atmospheric carbon capture plant

Buisness green - October 11, 2017


From thin air to stone: greenhouse gas test starts in Iceland

Reuters - October 11, 2017


Emissions: We have the technology

Nature - October 11, 2017


Iceland Carbon Dioxide Storage Project Locks Away Gas, Fast

New York Times – June 9, 2016


This Iceland Plant Just Turned Carbon Dioxide Into Rock—and They Did It Super Fast

Washington Post – June 9 2016


How One Country Is Making Rocks Out of Air Pollution

National Geographic – June 9, 2016


How to Capture Carbon Dioxide From a Power Plant and Turn It to Stone

Los Angeles Times – June 9, 2016


Experiment Turns Waste CO2 to Stone

BBC World Service – June 9, 2016


In Breakthrough, CO2 Turned to Stone in Iceland

Guardian – June 9, 2016


Turning Air Into Stone

The Economist – June 9, 2016


Power Plant Turns Its Carbon Emissions to Stone

CNBC – June 9, 2016


In a First, Power Plant Turns Carbon Emissions to Stone – June 9, 2016


An Icelandic Power Plant Is Turning Carbon Emissions to Stone

Forbes – June 9, 2016


Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Stone

Scientific American – June 10, 2016


Iceland Power Plant Turns Carbon Emissions to Rock

Times of India – June 9, 2016


Deep Below Iceland, Scientists Turn Heat-Trapping Carbon to Stone

Japan Times – June 9, 2016