About OR

Reykjavik Energy is a public utility company providing; electricity, geothermal water for heating, cold water for consumption and firefighting, sewage services and fibre-optic data connections. The service area extends to 20 municipalities, covering 67% of the Icelandic population. Reykjavík Energy‘s principal owner is the City of Reykjavík, and it provides its services through three subsidiaries; Veitur Utilities, ON Power and Reykjavík Fibre Network

The group harnesses hot water from geothermal fields in Reykjavík and operates geothermal plants at Hellisheiði and Nesjavellir where electricity and hot water is generated. Potable water is distributed from groundwater reservoirs and the group‘s waste-water services meet wide environmental requirements.


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Environment and safety

OR‘s subsidiaries harness energy in harmony with nature. All of our operations make use of independent accreditation in environmental affairs, quality standards and safety standards. Our annual environmental report  documents greenhouse gas emissions from our plants.  We make every effort to make our areas of operations accessible to the public, such as the Hengill high-temperature field.

OR's Annual Environmental Reports




Orkuveita Reykjavíkur emphasises transparency in its operations. Financial issues are pivotal in that respect.


None of OR‘s projects are so important that they justify that workers risk their life or health doing their job. OR Group puts safety of their customers and employees over all by being responsible on the feald, restricting access to construcion areas and being visible.

OR‘s goal is simple: To create a hazardless workplace with no accidents and provide constant education to the workers and be proffessional at all times.  



OR is the parent company of three subsidiaries, through which it provides services.

The CarbFix Project

CarbFix is a collaborative research project between Reykjavik Energy, the University of Iceland, Columbia University and CNRS that aims at developing safe, simple and economical methods and technology for permanent CO2 mineral storage in basalts. The CarbFix team had demonstrated that over 95% of CO2 captured and injected at Hellisheidi geothermal Power Plant in Iceland was mineralized within two years. This contrasts the previous common view that mineralization in CCS projects takes hundreds to thousands of years. Industrial scale capture and injection have been ongoing at the power plant since 2012.



GAS INTO ROCK FULL SUB from Orkuveita Reykjavikur on Vimeo.