Reykjavik Energy´s Action Plan - adopted in spring 2011 by RE and its owners - contains various actions aimed at improving the company´s cash position by ISK 50 billion before year end 2016. As of August 2013, the Action Plan has returned ISK 32.7 billion in RE´s improved cash position, exceeding original targets by ISK 2.0 billion.

Credit Ratings

Reykjavik Energy and The Republic of Iceland Credit Ratings


 Reykjavik EnergyThe Republic of Iceland
 Moody'sFitch RatingsReitunMoody'sFitch Ratings
Long-term ratingBa3BB-i.AA3Baa2BBB+
Short-term rating   P-2F2
Latest rating actionDec 2015Dec 2015Mar 2016July 2015Jan 2015


Credit Ratings Reports



Moody'sFitch RatingsReitun
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