Corporate Strategy

Orkuveita Reykjavíkur‘s (OR) future vision is to improve the quality of life and with social responsibility as a guiding light. In order for the company to reach its future vision a strategy has been formulated that rests on the company‘s values; foresight, efficiency and integrity.

OR utilises nature in a responsible, sustainable, cost-effective and respectful manner, without undermining the rights of future generations. The OR group endeavours to meet customers’ needs with good services at a fair price, with reliable management and a warm attitude.

The corporate strategy, supporting the future vision of the group, is founded on five strategic pillars, guided by the principles of corporate social responsibility. These pillars are critical success factors in our operations. OR emphasizes the development of the business to the fact that it will be know to:

  • Respect customers' needs and provide reliable quality service
  • Enhance financial strength and efficiency and ensure service in line with community needs
  • Be a role model for environmental issues and continuously work on reforms
  • Utilize natural resources in a sustainable and a responsible manner
  • Be a desirable workplace where expertise and service go hand in hand

OR policies: