Stúlka í tölvu

Veitur Utilities ohf.

Veitur Utilities ohf. was created when Reykjavik Energy was unbundled at the beginning of 2014. Veitur Utilities is the biggest utility company in the country. Three quarters of the population use the company’s district heating, about half the population are connected to its electricity grid and four out of ten of Icelanders use the water utilities and sewerage systems of Veitur Utilities ohf.

ON Power

ON Power tók til starfa í ársbyrjun 2014. Fyrirtækið framleiðir og selur rafmagn til landsmanna frá Nesjavallavirkjun, Hellisheiðarvirkjun og Andakílsárvirkjun. Frá Nesjavalla- og Hellisheiðarvirkjunum kemur líka um helmingurinn af heita vatninu í hitaveituna á höfuðborgarsvæðinu.

Reykjavik Fibre Network

In 2007, the Reykjavik Fibre Network was separated from the exclusively licensed part of Reykjavik Energy’s management. It sells households and businesses access to fibre optics, a high speed data transmission system that boosts the competitiveness of Icelandic society. The Reykjavik Fibre Network is an open system through which all service providers are permitted to sell their services, offering the fastest available connection. Its customers are both companies and individuals who live and work in the servicing areas, which currently extend from Bifröst to the Westman Islands.

In addition to the three servicing companies inside the Reykjavik Energy Group, there are two companies that do not have independent operations and perform accountancy functions. These are Reykjavik Energy - water and sewerage systems sf. and Reykjavik Energy - eignir ohf.