Standards and certification

Reykjavík Energy has implemented an administrative system in accordance with international standards. The efficiency of the system is regularly verified with evaluations conducted by independent parties.

ISO 9001 – International standard
Reykjavik Energy has applied a quality control system which takes all aspects of the company’s activities into account. The quality control system is certified by evaluation parties and its efficiency is confirmed annually.

ISO 14001 – International environmental management standard
According to this certificate, all of the company’s environmental issues are controlled. The system is evaluated annually by certification bodies.

OHSAS 18001 – International Occupational Health and Safety Management System
This standard caters for occupational health and safety issues. The system is evaluated annually .

HACCP/GÁMES – International food monitoring
Veitur Utilities, a subsidiary of Reykjavik Energy, is the biggest food production company in the country, since the potable water production at Veitur and at ON Power are classified as food production. The system is certified by the health authorities of the relevant municipalities.

ISO 27001 – International Information security management
Reykjavik Energy has implemented an information security management system which takes all aspects of its activities into account. The information security management system is certified by BSI and evaluated by the same entity annually.

ISO 85 – Icelandic equal pay system standard
The Reykjavik Energy Group has implemented an equal pay system which is certified by independent parties. Reykjavik Energy has also been authorised by the Equal Pay Agency to use the equal pay logo for 2018-2021.

Electrical safety management system
An electrical safety management system is a mandatory safety system which all electricity utilities are required to have in order to operate. The system is certified by the Construction Authority and is evaluated by independent inspectors twice a year.

Internal monitoring system of sales meters
System certified by the Consumer Agency. The system ensures that sales meters meet requirements and are subject to the metering monitoring stipulated in the regulations and the rules to which they refer. The system is evaluated annually by professional inspectors.