Early in 2019, the Reykjavik Energy Group established common objectives until 2023, which all employees work towards in some way.

The objectives relate to the comprehensive policy of Reykjavik Energy. They are ambitious and their progress is measurable. The frequency of the measurements vary.

Here are the objectives and their progress at the end of 2018.

Objective Yardstick Position Year-end 2018 Number of measurements per year Q1 2019 Position Q2 2019 Position Objectives 2023
Number of electric vehicles Total number of connectable electric vehicles in Iceland 8,540 12 8,920 9,954 40,000
Lighter carbon footprint Size of carbon footprint compared to 2015 -18% 1 -40%
“Home in one piece” campaign Absence of staff due to illness or accidents 4,0% 12 3.9% 3.7% 3.6%
Job satisfaction Job satisfaction according to workplace analyses 4.4 2 4.4 4.5
Good citizenship Attitude to Reykjavik Energy brand name according to surveys 5.3 4 4.8 5.2 6.1

Reykjavik Energy also surveys the financial implications of its societal operations, which are categorized by:

  • Tax footprint
  • Dividends paid to OR´s owners
  • Contributions to societal projects in the community

Reykjavík Energy's tax footprint can be viewed in the Annual Report 2017 and Annual Report 2018.