Corporate social responsibility

In the operations of Reykjavík Energy (OR) emphasis shall be placed on respecting the environment, responsible utilization of the natural resources and responsible utilization of capital. OR operates in a solid and reliable manner, exercising social responsibility in its activities.

This guiding vision of Reykjavík Energy's ownership policy is the basis for the Group’s sustainable operations and social responsibility. Integrity is one of OR's values, and therefore good and transparent dissemination of information is a necessary part of the company's social responsibility.

OR's Annual Report is based on the internationally recognized ESG criteria (environment, society, governance) for corporate reporting on sustainability and social responsibility.

OR's Annual Report 2021

OR's Annual Report 2020

OR´s Annual Report 2019

OR´s Annual Report - Previous Years

Corporate social responsibility and UN goals

United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

OR defines its social responsibility to be towards the global community. The company's Board of Directors has prioritised five of the United Nations' 17 SDGs for the company. These were selected following workshops with OR's external and internal stakeholders. The annual reports describe how the company supports the Global Goals.

Here you can see the how OR's internal and external stakeholders prioritised the SDGs.