Environment and safety

OR‘s subsidiaries harness energy in harmony with nature. All of our operations make use of independent accreditation in environmental affairs, quality standards and safety standards. Our annual environmental report  documents greenhouse gas emissions from our plants.  We make every effort to make our areas of operations accessible to the public, such as the Hengill high-temperature field.

PDF iconOR Environmental Report 2015



Orkuveita Reykjavíkur's Plan, adopted in spring 2011 by OR and its owners, contains various actions aimed at improving the company's cash position by ISK 50 billion before year end 2016.


None of OR‘s projects are so important that they justify that workers risk their life or health doing their job. OR Group puts safety of their customers and employees over all by being responsible on the feald, restricting access to construcion areas and being visible.

OR‘s goal is simple: To create a hazardless workplace with no accidents and provide constant education to the workers and be proffessional at all times.  



Veitur, one of OR‘s subsidiaries, provide electricity, hot water for heating, cold water for consuption as well as maintaining sewage systems. Veitur distribute cold water from it‘s groundwater reservoir.

Learn more on www.veitur.is

The CarbFix Project

A primary goal of the CarbFix project is to imitate the natural storage process of CO2 already observed in basaltic rocks in Icelandic geothermal fields. The project’s implications for the fight against global warming may be considerable, since basaltic bedrock susceptive of CO2 injections are widely found on the planet.